Going to school is the basis for education. The Condor Trust gives financial help to cover all the areas not provided by the state:

  • The basics: text books, note books, pens, pencils, uniforms, transport
  • A contribution to living costs (so students are not forced to work on the streets)
  • A study centre in Quito, with computers, volunteers, weekend/holiday classes
  • Advice and support from local teachers
  • + Extra Support

    Many problems can prevent students going to school or learning effectively, so, if necessary, we also provide:

  • Emergency support (for example, for health problems, tiding over family income loss)
  • Eye tests and glasses
  • Professional specialist help (academic, psychological, medical, sociological)
  • Our Students

    We are currently supporting 40 students in the capital, Quito. Our aim is to help young people who are desperate to study and who are committed to improving their lives, whatever their area of interest may be. We do not select students on the basis of their academic performance. Students we have supported are now working in areas including:

  • export business             
  • tourism
  • accountancy                  
  • energy
  • food technology  
  • IT
  • health  
  • construction
  • Our support also has positive effects on the students’ families, typically making it possible for other brothers and sisters to go to school, for mothers to find more stable jobs and for the income and self-confidence of the whole family to grow. 

    Changing Lives Through Education


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