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A Student

"F" was supported by the Trust at secondary school and university. She has now graduated in Business and Export Studies and is working in a company in Quito:

“It all started almost eight years ago when the Condor Trust began to be part of my life. At that time my mum’s income was barely enough for us to survive. From that day, when I began to receive financial help from the Trust so I could study, my life changed. Not only could I buy books and materials, but for the first time I could take with me something to eat in the break and could wear uniform that fitted me. At the same time, I began to think that I could be someone and do something in life, as the help which I received wasn’t only financial, but also psychological and personal.

To be successful in life is not easy. To realise our dreams we have to make many difficult decisions and overcome all sorts of distractions. I have learnt that it is up to each one of us to make decisions today which will make our life better or worse in the future.”

A Volunteer

"D" spent three months teaching at the Trust in Quito:

“The English and French teaching that I did at the Condor Trust in Quito was the first teaching experience I had, so I was lucky to be working with a friendly group of children who get on well, and were interested to get to know me. The directors of the Foundation in Quito warmly welcomed me, and I greatly appreciated their support and friendship, which rapidly made me feel a part of the Foundation, and made the whole experience in Quito more enjoyable.  

The advantage of teaching for three months was that the kids and I had enough time to get to know each other, and to make genuine progress with their languages. I also had an excellent base in Quito staying with a friend of the Trust who was very welcoming and keen that I should feel at home.

I would really recommend the experience to anyone who is keen to take on the challenge of teaching independently, take an interest in new people, culture and surroundings and to make some good friends”.

A Donor

Shawn visited the Centre in Quito in summer 2012:

“It’s really impressive to see how Condor supports the whole student, and their family, not only to complete their educational programmes but to contribute to their communities and understand what their opportunities are going forward. We’ve always been so impressed by how thoughtful the organisation’s leadership is, and we’re thrilled with how things are going.

In the short time we were in the Quito office, a student came by to pick up glasses provided through an additional programme, a mother stopped by for a sensitive conversation regarding her family’s struggles to support their daughter’s education, and a group of students took part in a regular guitar lesson delivered by a volunteer instructor. This is an organisation that understands the success of their students is dependent on so much more than study time and one that strives to ensure they have the support they need.”

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